Check out some of my favorite videos about Australian Shepherds:

I seriously cannot believe the tricks that this dog can pull off. His owner must’ve spent so much time training him. I can imagine all the dog treats that they must’ve gone through in order to get this good. One day hope that Dorado and I can be this good. In the meantime, and enjoy him for who he is.

Fun Fun Fun

Being an Australian Shepherd, Dorado was an incredibly hyper dog.

It took a little while to get adjusted to living in my house now, but now that he is adjusted is absolutely all over the place. It seems that there’s very little I can do to tire him out.

runnignI built a small agility course in our backyard and that seems to be doing a nice trick. Previously when I had been leaving him home alone all day, I had him and his dog crate. I realize that he wasn’t getting much exercise doing that.

I heard the people were using playpen so I went to my local pet store to try and find one. Unfortunately they didn’t have any that I liked. I went online and read some reviews about dog playpens and was able to find a nice one. The dog playpen gives Dorado a great place to run around while ensuring that he’s safe. Safety is priority #1. Dog playpens also prevent my stuff from being destroyed, which is a huge plus. A good dog pen is pretty hard to find these days. Luckily I stumbled on the link that I posted earlier. There are so many pet playpen options to choose from that it’s really hard. I went with a nice heavy-duty metal dog play pen. This suits Dorado very nicely, as he hasn’t been able to escape the doggie play pen yet!

I’ve recommended that a few of my friends with Australian Shepherds get a nice indoor dog pen. It’s really helped Dorado’s help and my frustration levels. You really cannot put a price on that (although FYI, good dog playpens aren’t cheap).

Since then Dorado is been getting more and more tired throughout the day. I think he just needed a little room to run around.

I sent us both up to go get some obedience classes. While Dorado was well behaved, I think it would be good if I learned some more commands on how to interact with them. I read the positive reinforcement is by far the best dog training technique, some hoping that they can teach me some tactics. When I grew up we mainly focused on negative reinforcement. You know, punishing them when they do selling wrong. Apparently that actually doesn’t work in the slightest and makes them be afraid. That’s the last thing that I want.


Ok, I know this isn’t a usual post about Dorado and I.. but I had to share this video. It’s fricken hilarious!!


The Vet

The next morning when Dorado woke up I fed him a nice breakfast consisting of more hot dogs. You should probably give him some different food but I want to stick with something that I knew he would eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it ton of dog friendly fooling around in the house.

I looked online at my nearby veterinarian and checked out some veterinarian recommendations to find one that I would bring Dorado too. I chose one that was actually within a couple blocks of me so Dorado and I chose to walk there. I was worried with the vet would think when I brought him in. I didn’t want the vet to think that I was abusing and neglecting Dorado. I absolutely love animals and not want anyone to think that.

This was actually the first time I had Dorado on a leash. Why didn’t have any dog friendly food playground other than hotdogs, I did have an old dog leash and collar. Thankfully it fit Dorado perfectly.

Dorado actually walked really well on the leash. There were plenty of distractions to since it is a relatively busy road. Even when a squirrel ran by Dorado didn’t flinch.

We eventually got to the veterinarian and walked inside and was greeted by a friendly receptionist. She told us that we have to wait a few minutes for the veterinarian to be ready.

Was a veteran area and was ready we walked inside of the room and Dorado was weighed. Dorado weighed a whopping 40 pounds. As all Australian Shepherd lovers know, this is extremely underweight. The veterinarian was very concerned. It was unfortunate that I didn’t have more information you give him. The veterinarian tried to scan Dorado for a microchip but was unable to find any.

The veterinarian asked what I wanted to do. I only had to contemplate for a little while until I knew that I want to keep Dorado. I instructed the veterinarian to do as many tests and give Dorado as many shots as he thought was necessary. In addition, I had the veterinarian give Dorado a haircut and a bath.

When it was all said and done, Dorado was given a clean bill of health and we left the veterinarian. I’m going to have to go back for a follow-up in a few weeks to get him additional shots, but I’m glad that he is healthy.

The Next Day

After finding Dorado wandering on the beach and feeding him and giving him some water, I knew that I had to take him home so he can rest.

We immediately left the beach when he was done drinking is water. Surprisingly, he have to write into the car. I put down a towel so he would have something warm to rest on. His hair was all mangly and unkept, I didn’t want any bugs to get onto my car interior. The ride home was very smooth. I’m really glad that he didn’t throw up anywhere. When I was younger I had a dog that was prone to peeing in car rides, which I guess is incredibly common. Luckily Dorado did not have the issue at all.

I could tell that this dog was incredibly well behaved. It looks like whoever the previous owner was did teach him some basic commands. He didn’t even try and escape the car. He just laid down on the towel in the back seat. It looked like he was at peace.

I am of the whole ride home I kept glancing my rearview mirror to see if he was okay. Each and every time I was met by those beautiful lies in his tongue hanging out. It’s all that he was going to be happy with me.

When we got home I opened up a package of hot dogs in cook them for a little bit. After they were done, I sliced them up on a plate because I heard dogs like hot dogs. Dorado gobbled them right up. He was also incredibly thirsty and drank a ton of water.

Soon afterwards he found a spot on my couch and fell asleep. I knew I should have basin, but I just couldn’t bother him when he was sleeping so well. It looks like that was the best rest that he had gotten in a while. I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been for Dorado to be on the streets. He must’ve been so scared walking alone. I can only imagine, I remember I got lost when I was a kid and I was so scared that I was all alone and that no one would find me. I can only imagine what it would be like for a dog.

I knew that when he would wake up in the morning I would need to take him to the vet.


The Day We Met

I remember the day that Dorado and I met just like it was yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach. The sun was shining nice and high and the wind was blowing ever so softly. You could smell the ocean, that lovely salted water sent. The seagulls were flying by overhead. The children were laughing and running around and building sand castles. The parents were watching them eagerly. People were throwing footballs around and kicking the soccer balls. People were boogie boarding in the water. There is just a really great day.

I went out to go for a walk along the beach while my friends were making their lunch. After walking about a mile down I saw this unkept Australian Shepherd walking all alone. He was one of the most beautiful creatures that I had ever seen.

I looked around for his owner but was unable to find anyone who knew the dog belonged to. The dog had no ID collar on them (which really upsets me. Every dog needs an ID collar!)

The dog looked incredibly hungry so I took them back to where me and my friends were. I fed him some of the sausage that I had. He seemed to really enjoy it and gobbled it up very quickly. I then gave him some of the water that we had laying around. Slurped that up very quickly, he must have been incredibly thirsty.

No idea why someone would let this beautiful creature runaround free. Where was his owner? Why would no one way? What should I do with him?

I had so many questions that needed answers. But I knew for the time being that it was up to me to take care of him.