Being an Australian Shepherd, Dorado was an incredibly hyper dog.

It took a little while to get adjusted to living in my house now, but now that he is adjusted is absolutely all over the place. It seems that there’s very little I can do to tire him out.

runnignI built a small agility course in our backyard and that seems to be doing a nice trick. Previously when I had been leaving him home alone all day, I had him and his dog crate. I realize that he wasn’t getting much exercise doing that.

I heard the people were using playpen so I went to my local pet store to try and find one. Unfortunately they didn’t have any that I liked. I went online and read some reviews about dog playpens and was able to find a nice one. The dog playpen gives Dorado a great place to run around while ensuring that he’s safe. Safety is priority #1. Dog playpens also prevent my stuff from being destroyed, which is a huge plus. A good dog pen is pretty hard to find these days. Luckily I stumbled on the link that I posted earlier. There are so many pet playpen options to choose from that it’s really hard. I went with a nice heavy-duty metal dog play pen. This suits Dorado very nicely, as he hasn’t been able to escape the doggie play pen yet!

I’ve recommended that a few of my friends with Australian Shepherds get a nice indoor dog pen. It’s really helped Dorado’s help and my frustration levels. You really cannot put a price on that (although FYI, good dog playpens aren’t cheap).

Since then Dorado is been getting more and more tired throughout the day. I think he just needed a little room to run around.

I sent us both up to go get some obedience classes. While Dorado was well behaved, I think it would be good if I learned some more commands on how to interact with them. I read the positive reinforcement is by far the best dog training technique, some hoping that they can teach me some tactics. When I grew up we mainly focused on negative reinforcement. You know, punishing them when they do selling wrong. Apparently that actually doesn’t work in the slightest and makes them be afraid. That’s the last thing that I want.