I remember the day that Dorado and I met just like it was yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach. The sun was shining nice and high and the wind was blowing ever so softly. You could smell the ocean, that lovely salted water sent. The seagulls were flying by overhead. The children were laughing and running around and building sand castles. The parents were watching them eagerly. People were throwing footballs around and kicking the soccer balls. People were boogie boarding in the water. There is just a really great day.

I went out to go for a walk along the beach while my friends were making their lunch. After walking about a mile down I saw this unkept Australian Shepherd walking all alone. He was one of the most beautiful creatures that I had ever seen.

I looked around for his owner but was unable to find anyone who knew the dog belonged to. The dog had no ID collar on them (which really upsets me. Every dog needs an ID collar!)

The dog looked incredibly hungry so I took them back to where me and my friends were. I fed him some of the sausage that I had. He seemed to really enjoy it and gobbled it up very quickly. I then gave him some of the water that we had laying around. Slurped that up very quickly, he must have been incredibly thirsty.

No idea why someone would let this beautiful creature runaround free. Where was his owner? Why would no one way? What should I do with him?

I had so many questions that needed answers. But I knew for the time being that it was up to me to take care of him.